Roméo's Gin V


3D Illustration




I had the pleasure to collaborate with the notorious brand Roméo's Gin. At the end of March 2023, they launched their new gin & tonic beverage named Gin V Tonic Léger.

This new drink features a reinterpretation of my piece, “Tandem” on both its alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. It is an honor to my artwork featured for the first time on a product that is sold all across the province of Québec in Canada.

I have a lot of respect for how they showcase the work of a different local artist on each new product they launch.

Below you'll find the animations I was commissioned to create for the release of their new product, as well as photos from their successful launch event where I was invited to curate a digital art exhibition featuring the work of some talented friends of mine.


The visual featured on Roméo’s Gin V Tonic Léger is a reimagined version of my piece “Tandem”.

The new palette reflects the taste of this new beverage: notes of pink grapefruit, yuzu,

lime, green grape and honeydew melon.