Ruinart — EOY 2022 Campaign


3D Illustration




I was commissioned by Ruinart, one of the oldest and most prestigious Champagne houses, to create three visuals

that showcase their signature product: the Dom Ruinart 2010.

This highly acclaimed Champagne is known for its exceptional quality and refined flavor, and I was tasked with creating visuals that accurately represent the elegance and sophistication of the brand. Working closely with Fubiz and the team at Ruinart, I carefully crafted each visual to capture the unique qualities of the Dom Ruinart 2010 and showcase its premium nature as "the epitome of Chardonnay".

Production company: Fubiz

For the project, I also had to recreate the champagne bottle in 3D using this reference

object sent by Ruinart. I was given all the graphic elements needed to properly replicate the labels as well.