Renaissance is a collaborative series with music producer Haywyre. It was released on the platform Nifty Gateway on November 30th 2022.

During the peak of the pandemic, Haywyre and I decided to start a new collaborative endeavor after seeing how crypto art and Web3 are blurring the lines between different creative formats. The growth of this technology and its adoption in the artistic community helped ignite a renaissance for digital creators, a phenomenon that inspired the conceptualization of this project. Excited by this movement, we created five individual audio-visual pieces that explore themes of new beginnings, obstacles, growth and revelations.

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Inception, Change, Ascent, Rebirth & Scarab


Inception is about new beginnings and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.


Challenges force us to adapt and embrace changes.


Overcoming is empowering. Trusting our instinct as well as the process can lead to unlocking new paths and opportunities.


An awakening through the journey.


The scarab is a strong symbol embodying the idea of rebirth. In this series, it is a guiding force that also evokes this desire to forge a new path.

Beetle sculpted by Planttdaddii

All the pieces are perfect loops, but their soundtracks also merge into one another. Here is a video featuring all the pieces lined up back to back to better experience the music from this collaboration.