Dabin & William Black — In The Cold


3D Animation



In August of 2023, Kannibalen Records approached me to create a lyric video for the release of "In The Cold", a song by their artist Dabin, made in collaboration with William Black, featuring James Droll on the vocals.

I had approximately two weeks to create the final visuals, and it was definitely a great challenge.

Thanks to my talented friend Vince Hurtu, who worked on the motion design for the lyrics.

Initial Sketches

Here’s a look at the early sketches that were created to give an overall idea of what the visuals would eventually looked like. Below are stills taken from the final lyric video.

Dabin’s mask

As part of the project, one of my tasks involved modeling Dabin's iconic mask so I could then integrate it onto the character. To streamline the process, I started with a provided model (shown on the left) and refined it to ensure its final appearance aligns precisely with Dabin's logo.

Still frames

Select stills from the final lyric video.